Welcome to the MOOC 2015 web page

Please use the following instructions to download and run a CentOS Virtual Machine that's been set up with R and FSL.

  • Download VirtualBox a free x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product.
  • The Virtual Machine compressed image (~14.9GB) can be downloaded from here. Make sure you move the archive to a folder of your choice and then decompress it.
  • Install the VirtualBox and once that's complete add the virtual machine using the VirtualBox main menu Machine->Add or simply press the CTRL+A combination. A file browser window will open and you need to navigate to the folder created in step 2 and locate the virtual machine image file.
  • Once the MOOC virtual machine is added to the VirtualBox environment you can start it up by pressing the green Start arrow. The username is fsluser and the password is fsluser, feel free to change it if needed.
  • MOOC sample images were provided and they are located on your virtual machine desktop under "MOOC-2015" folder.
  • The virtual machine already has installed the necessary tools for setting up a shared folder with the native operating system (WIN). Please check this easy tutorial that explains this process. Once the folder is set, a reboot of the virtual machine is required and you should be able to access the shared folder by opening the "shared" desktop folder.

Additional tutorials

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